Asos among worst companies for gender pay gap

Asos has found itself among some of the UK’s worst companies when it comes to the gender pay gap, despite differences narrowing for the second year in a row.

According to a report by the Times, the overall median pay gap went down from 10 to 9.8 per cent on last year’s levels, women at travel company Easyjet make £0.69p to every £1 a man does.

The ratio goes further down when considering the fast fashion retailer, to £0.55.

The research comes after both the public and private sector’s workers had to submit data on gender pay gaps.

A spokesperson for Asos said that the online fashion retailer was taking action in order to narrow the gap which included “hiring more women in leadership roles to working with our partners to empower female tech talent,” as most female employees work in entry-level jobs, such as customer care.

There are likely to be fewer changes made in the wake of a rising level of inflation, which has meant that Asos has become a target for short sellers as they make huge bets that they will struggle as the cost of living increases.

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