Jisp achieves 150,000 scans across Nisa stores

Jisp has achieved 150,000 scans on product barcodes across 61 Nisa stores nationally.

The company revealed that 4,300 Nisa shoppers have saved £70,000 since 13th September 2021, by scanning participating brands’ product barcodes in-store.

The partnership between Jisp and Nisa is a global first, localising shelf interactions by “mixing realities of mobile and shelf edge in stores.”

According to Jisp, 95% of shoppers have scanned and added vouchers to their digital wallets, with 93% of those shoppers going on to redeem that product in-store.

In addition, top-performing Nisa stores are achieving +£1.4k per week in retail sales value (RSV) and 100 shoppers per week are using Jisp to obtain exclusive discounts.

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“We are thrilled to see such positive results with our Nisa partners, and this is only the beginning,” Jisp chief executive and founder Julian Fisher said.

“Scan & Save is helping shoppers save on everyday essentials which is something that is really needed at this time.

“For brands, we’re delivering industry-leading results and ROI, whilst helping them to understand the who, what, where and when of independent convenience retail.”

Sunny Singh, the owner of Nisa store in Coventry said: “Scan & Save has been a huge success for our store.

“It has allowed us to offer promotional prices that are worth screaming about on social media. Prices that the big supermarkets can’t even touch.

“It brings in crowds of new customers, coming in daily to repeat the deals that too good to miss out on.”

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