A third of UK consumers plan to use the metaverse for online shopping

A third of UK consumers plan to use the metaverse to shop online, according to data from Vista.

Consumers also expect to see the brands they shop at on the high street in virtual worlds.

Vista’s study of 2,000 UK adults, 59% are familiar with the concept of the metaverse and believe it will take around 15 years for it to hit the mainstream

A further 73% of respondents predicted it will be most popular with Gen Z and Millennials amongst all age groups.

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Almost two thirds of UK consumers (64%) said that the pandemic increased their online shopping, with 65 percent saying it is important for small businesses to have an online presence.

But as over three-quarters (76%) of UK consumers still enjoy shopping on the high street, the metaverse offers small businesses an exciting opportunity to blend virtual content with the real-world experiences that shoppers crave.

The second most popular function of the metaverse behind online shopping was social media, with 20% of consumers predicting they’d use it.

Concerts and live entertainment came third with 19% with online streaming services.

It’s obvious consumers expect the virtual high street to boast as much variety as the UK high street. The most popular small businesses on the metaverse’s high street are predicted to be fashion stores (17%), electronic stores (17%), everyday grocery stores (15%), booksellers (15%), vehicle showrooms (15%) and virtual estate agents (15 %).

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