Etsy merchants plan strike over “ridiculous” fee hike

Thousands of Etsy sellers are planning on striking against the ecommerce platform over a proposed fee hike by the company.

The increase, which launched Monday, raised the platform’s transaction fee from 5% per order to 6.5%.

Merchants took to Twitter as a result, announcing that they would render their shops unavailable, with one seller calling the fee hike as “unbearable”. Another merchant called the transaction rise “ridiculous.”

Etsy has a user base of 5.3 million businesses and sellers on its platform and last increased its seller fees in 2018 from 3.5% to 5%, a move which angered merchants in the same way.

Etsy seller Kristi Cassidy organised the strike on, addressing it to Etsy CEO Josh Silverman and calls to the raised fee “pandemic profiteering.”

“They plan to increase our transaction fees by 30%,” the petition says.

“We’re going on strike on April 11 to call on Etsy to hold itself accountable to sellers and buyers. Sellers will put their shops on vacation mode in protest. Buyers can show support by agreeing to boycott Etsy from April 11-18.”

The “Cancel the fee increase” petition now has 52,602 signatures.

Etsy responded by saying : “We’re committed to supporting our community of 5.3 million sellers around the world by helping them grow their businesses,” in a comment made to MarketWatch.

Sellers have consistently told us they want us to expand our efforts around marketing, customer support and removing listings that don’t meet our policies.

“Our revised fee structure will enable us to increase our investments in each of these key areas so that we can better serve our community and keep Etsy a beloved, trusted, and thriving marketplace.”

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