JD.com sends out autonomous vehicles in Covid-ridden Shanghai

JD.com has sent out over 100 autonomous deliver vehicles in Shanghai amid a Covid outbreak in the city.

The vehicles were used for last mile delivery of customer orders and PPE to temporary hospitals and other medical facilities.

A further 50 indoor delivery robots developed by the company’s delivery arm, JD Logistics, will also be transported to Shanghai to support the delivery of meals and nucleic acid test samples in mobile cabin hospitals.

China has recently been hit with the biggest coronavirus outbreak in two years however authorities in Shanghai have laid out plans for lifting restrictions in specific residential areas.

The robots are able to avoid and recognise objects in their way, plan their routes and drive on public roads by using AI technology and a number of sensors. They can also be taken over remotely however.

They have capacity to load up to 200kg of goods and drive 100km on one charge.

JD.com first debuted its first autonomous delivery in 2016 and has since revealed a level 4 autonomous driving robot in 2019, which, it said, made it the first company in the world to put such products on public roads without human interaction.

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