Mobile app growth accelerated globally in 2021, report reveals

Mobile app growth has continued to accelerate globally in 2021, according to a new report from mobile marketing analytics platform Adjust.

The research reveals that the app ecosystem saw growth in installs and sessions industrywide, with the fintech, e-commerce and gaming verticals emerging as standouts, seeing their highest in-app revenue months on record in 2021.

Fintech app installs and sessions are increasing globally by 34% and 53% YoY, respectively, while stock trading and crypto apps made up 7% and 2% of all fintech app installs, but accounted for 17% and 6% of sessions.

Crypto apps also had the longest average session length in 2021 at over 15 minutes.

According to Adjust, mobile e-commerce is stronger than ever with e-commerce app installs growing by 12% YoY in 2021 and November ranking as the top performing month at 20% above the yearly average.

May 2021 was the biggest year ever tracked by Adjust for e-commerce in-app revenue, which posted a 46% YoY increase in 2021 globally.

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Marketplace apps also saw significantly better retention rates than the rest of the e-commerce vertical, with Day 1 at 27% and Day 30 at 10%, versus 19% and 7% in 2020.

In addition, global gaming installs in 2021 increased by 32% YoY, with January 2021 accounting for the highest global in-app revenue month ever recorded by Adjust.

Session lengths, sessions per user per day, and time spent in-app also all increased in 2021.

“Despite the challenges of the past year, the mobile app ecosystem has continued to thrive, demonstrating how robust and adaptable the app marketing industry is,” Adjust chief executive Simon Dussart said.

“In order to meet users where they are, it’s imperative for marketers and UA teams to lean into data-driven strategies to improve retention, and continue to find, attribute, and measure new and existing audiences.”

Dussart also noted that while 2022 will continue to pose challenges, it will be a year of opportunity, with the need and want for apps more pronounced than ever.

“Apps not only provide outstanding, globally leading entertainment formats and convenient ways to complete tasks and enhance our daily lives; they solve problems and empower users in markets all around the world,” he said.

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