Is this for me? One in six UK adults forget about drunk online shopping purchases

One in six UK adults (15%) have made an online shopping purchase while drunk and not remembered until the parcel arrives, according to a new study.

One in every five have even gone as far as contacting the seller to find out where it came from, after forgetting they’ve bought it themselves, according to the research from the personal finance experts at

The study initially found that 37% of UK adults regularly receive a parcel that they initially don’t remember ordering until opening it. A further 15% admitted they have at least once in the past year received a parcel they don’t remember ordering due to ordering it while under the influence of alcohol.

More than two in every five people (41%) admitted they had bought items they wouldn’t normally order; either because they didn’t like the items they’d ordered (37%) or had no use for them (35%).

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Despite this, less than one in five (18%) will actually go on to return the unwanted item.

Clothes, home accessories and gifts for other people are the top online shopping purchases to make when drunk, with each drunken splurge costing around £45 on average.

The most popular type of orders to make after drinking alcohol were clothing (25%), home accessories (17%), gifts (14%), beauty products (11%) and pet accessories (10%).

“We’re capable of doing many things under the influence of alcohol that we don’t initially recall, but it’s interesting to hear that so many people choose to go online shopping,” said managing director Julian House.

“No doubt adverts on social media and the internet play a role in this, with ads for all sorts of items popping up wherever you look. We just hope next time people go online shopping under the influencer that they choose to purchase an item they actually want and need and that the money spent therefore isn’t a waste.”

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