How Jisp ‘Scan & Save’ is helping the convenience sector

Jisp’s augmented reality (AR) ‘Scan & Save’ technology has helped convenience retailer Nisa increase footfall, brand loyalty and basket spend through the use of smart data.

Implementation of the tech has prompted a sales uplift of 15% across feature lines and a 6% increase
on volume.

Jisp’s technology allows customers to save money on branded items by scanning barcodes with the Jisp app.

Retailers earn 2p every time a customer taps an augmented reality voucher, along with a further 4p for every product that is redeemed.

“We agreed to try out the concept back in September 2021. It was basically a convenience retail first, so why wouldn’t we do it?,” Nisa’s head of retail operations James Taylor told an audience at the Retail Technology Show 2022.

“We knew there was going to be learnings from day ones and indeed there was. We worked really closely just gathering and developing a proof of concept, getting the retail feedback in and making sure that we can refine, develop and then extend the pilot across the rest of the estate.

“More and more retailers are joining the just scan save pilots as we speak, we’ve now got 80 stores up and live.

“We’ve promoted the initiative to our retailers through numerous channels, including face to face with our field teams visiting stores, direct emails to retailers, for our business comms articles through retailer facing magazines, social and digital channels.

“We’ve recently launched the refer-a-friend scheme, which is also driving further endorsements.

“As you can imagine, this is brand new for independent retailers. So it’s going to take a bit of time, and actually the easiest way we’ve got of getting partners on board is communication so the more that join, the more that followed because they’re getting real confidence that the concept works. So how has it performed so far?

“So firstly, we want to to offer our retailers a tech based solution, which could keep customers better informed and engaged with our local independent retailers.

“There was a desire to offer something new to retailers and to their shoppers, something that is not available anywhere else.

“More importantly, we want it to be first to market. So the team that just when they approached about this trial, it was absolutely a no brainer.

“It was at a time where we were struggling as a business through supply chain challenges distribution disruptions. So this opportunity was one that we took with both hands.

“It gives our retailers the opportunity to launch exclusive promotions discounts deliver special offers, and support reducing the cost of the expensive in store point of sale.”

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