Asda wins market share from converting offline shoppers to online

ViewersLogic, the leading consumer data behaviour company, has released a new report on the impact of Asda’s TV advertising, which reveals that it is easier to convert an offline shopper to online than convert existing online shoppers.

The report is based on the analysis of online and offline customer acquisition from TV advertising and compared Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

ViewersLogic compared individuals who were not exposed to TV activity to those that were, between 4th October and 28th November 2021.

The research reveals that 55% of new visitors to Asda’s website were previous shoppers at physical Tesco stores, which is more than double their share in the general population.

According to the report, driving online shopping acquisitions is difficult with consumers who already have a habit of shopping online with a competitor brand.

However, consumers who did switch from shopping online with either Tesco or Sainsbury’s were exposed to far more ads in the week before compared to the three physical shopping groups.

In addition, the uplift in footfall from TV advertising for Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco is consistently lower than the uplift in website visitors and active app users per week.

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This indicates footfall is the slowest metric to move as a result of TV advertising.

Sainsbury’s triumphed over all brands with the greatest uplift in website visits from its TV advertising at 3.7.% with Asda a close second at 2.4%, Tesco with 1.3% and Morrisons at 1.1%.

This highlights that while TV advertising drives some in-store conversion, it has a stronger impact on converting customers into online shoppers.

“Market share in the supermarket industry is not going to be won through physical stores in this digital age,” ViewersLogic head of data analytics Simen Moen said.

“Our single-source data shows it is easier to convert an offline supermarket shopper into an online shopper than convert a consumer who already buys online at competitor brands through TV advertising.

“By the time a customer has taken the time to navigate the website, create their shopping list and input their payment details, all with the option for this data to be saved on file for the next shop, it is unlikely they will easily switch to a different brand.

“It is imperative that supermarkets take advantage of this data now and not later to smartly gain market share before the majority of consumers move online.”

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