Snap unveils raft of new AR shopping tools

Snap has unveiled a raft of new augmented reality (AR) shopping tools to make AR creation simple, fast and cost effective for businesses, meanwhile offering consumers more places to shop using AR both on and off Snapchat.

Among the new tools is Dress Up: a new destination that brings together the best of AR fashion and try-on from creators, retailers, and fashion brands all in one place on Snapchat.

Dress Up is a dedicated space within the app which opens the virtual shop doors to our favourite brands and products that invites Snapchat users to browse, discover, and share new looks from around the world.

Snapchatters can also easily return to the products they love, with a new function allowing them to update their shopping preferences in Profile settings.

Snap 3D Asset Manager will make it faster and easier for businesses to build augmented reality shopping experiences.

Brands can now request, manage, and optimise 3D models for any product in their catalogue. As a result, Shopping Lenses can be built in seconds, at no additional cost, helping brands and merchants to create highly converting try-on experiences, which can also help minimise returns thanks to Snap’s size prediction technology.

Additionally Snap is introducing a new kind of shopping Lens for trying on outfits without ever having to change clothes, powered by Snap’s AR Image Processing Technology.

Camera Kit for AR Shopping will offer Snap’s retail and brand partners a new opportunity to bring the best of Snap’s camera for AR try-on right to their own apps and sites, and enable shoppers to digital try-on products.

Camera Kit for AR Shopping works across Android and iOS. Snap plans to roll out the feature for websites soon.

“The theme of our partner summit this year is ‘Back to Reality’, and the shopping products and features we’re launching today underscore our vision and strategy on AR as enhancing the real world – not taking you out of it,” Snap UK general manager Ed Couchman said.

“People have been using AR on Snapchat to shop for several years now, a trend that further accelerated through the pandemic.”

According to the social media company, over 250 million Snapchat users have engaged with AR shopping Lenses more than 5 billion times, trying on and visualising products from brands and retailers around the world.

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