Sensei launches “first ever” autonomous cabinet to revolutionise vending machines

Retail technology brand Sensei has launched what it calls the world’s “first ever autonomous cabinet, revolutionising the vending machine and bringing ultra convenience to consumers in offices, stations, universities, gyms and more”.

The cabinet, which is powered by AI, will allow customers to hold and have an up close look at products before buying them.

To open the cabinet, users can tap their bank card or with the Sensei app.

Once they have chosen the product they wish to purchase, they simply remove it from the cabinet before being automatically charged.

Cameras and intelligent shelves in the cabinet recognise products and ensure receipts are accurate, similar to how Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology works.

Sensei believes its tech can allow retailers to reduce their operational costs through its smart inventory management system, helping to increase sales due to the ability to see high value items.

Consumers can also benefit from the convenient access to products in apartment buildings, schools, train stations, universities, offices, hotels, hospitals and event venues.

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“We are thrilled to be bringing this next evolution of vending machines to retailers,” Sensei says Vasco Portugal said.

“We are committed to improving the retail experience, increasing efficiency, and helping businesses maximise sales and reduce costs.

“Our autonomous cabinets allow retailers to easily place their products in the spaces where their customers frequent. Customers can just walk up to an autonomous cabinet near them, pick whatever they want and leave. Consumers crave convenience, and that’s what we’re delivering.”

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