Amazon seized over 3m counterfeit products last year

Amazon seized over three million counterfeit products last year, meanwhile stopping 2.5 million fraudulent accounts from being set up.

The announcement comes as positive news for the company after receiving widespread criticism surrounding its handling and practises of fraudulent accounts and counterfeit products that exist within its sprawling marketplace.

Amazon has invested over $900 million and employed more than 12,000 staff, including machine learning scientists, software developers, and expert investigators, as part of its anti-fraud strategy.

The numbers also justify the cost, with the number of fraudulent merchants falling from six million in 2020 to 2.5 million last year, which Amazon executive Anna Dalla Val said was down to its more robust vetting system for both sellers and products.

Amazon has also worked closely with brands in order to stamp out counterfeit items through its Brand Registry, which gives merchants a range of tools to help protect them fraudulent activity.

Over 700,000 companies currently use Brand Registry, a 40% increase year-on-year.

The number of valid infringement notices submitted by a brand through Brand Registry decreased by more than 25%, which the ecommerce behemoth said was evidence that its brand protection efforts were working.

The company’s Counterfeit Crimes Unit filed civil litigation against more than 170 people in US counts and sued or referred more than 600 criminals for investigation in the US, UK, EU, and China. Marking a whopping 300% from 2020.

If found to be operating fraudulently, Amazon works with both brands and law enforcement to ensure that warehouses are closed down for good.

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