Burberry announces new partnership with Mythical Games

Burberry is once again partnering with games technology company Mythical Games to launch a unique branded gaming experience to players of its flagship title, Blankos Block Party.

Blankos Block Party is Mythical’s first flagship title and offers an immersive world styled like a giant block party.

Players can compete in a variety of minigames, collect and blend digital vinyl toys called Blankos and earn fully ownable digital items through gameplay in the form of NFTs.

The news follows Burberry’s first partnership with Mythical Games in 2021, which included the launch of an NFT collection within Blankos Block Party.

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At the time, Burberry chief marketing officer, Rod Manley, described gaming as a “unique space” for the brand, “to test and learn and trial digital innovations that embody our values and celebrate creativity amongst our communities.”

Gaming has become an important initiative for Burberry, launching its first game B Bounce in October 2019 and its extension Ratberry, in celebration of Chinese New Year, in January 2020.

In addition, the high fashion brand’s first multi-player game, B Surf, was launched in July 2020 in support of the TB Summer Monogram campaign. All games have been developed in-house by Burberry’s digital teams.

Burberry was the first luxury brand to be featured in Blankos Block Party. Regarding the latest partnership, the brand said that “further information will be shared in due course”.

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