Gopuff offers employees fuel discounts as orders soar 10x since launch

Grocery delivery service Gopuff has partnered with Collective Benefits to offer a series of perks for UK delivery partners and store team members.

The partnership gives employees access to discounted fuel at all major brands and supermarkets, along with a fuel finder tool that allows delivery partners to find the best fuel deals around them.

According to the company, Collective Benefits has already approved over 200 fuel cards for delivery partners and store team members, and with an average annual savings of £200 per card on fuel.

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This perk could lead to around £40,000 in total annual savings, the company announced.

Delivery partners and store team members can also access big-brand discounts designed to help them save money on everyday things, such as utilities and groceries, entertainment and sporting activities, purchases at lifestyle brands, big ticket electronics, and household items.

Some of these retailers include Apple, Currys, Halfords and Nike.

However, the moves comes as reports indicated Gopuff has raised customer fees, cutting drivers’ shifts and slashing delivery hours, according to a leaked documents.

The rapid grocery delivery giant cut 3% of its global workforce earlier this year and hiked its delivery fees  amid rising level of uncertainty in the sector.

The news comes as the grocery delivery service announced an increase in orders since launch, reporting a 12% compound monthly growth rate.

“We’re committed to deepening our reach in each of the communities we serve and to best supporting our delivery partners and store team members,” Bryan Batista, senior vice president of international at Gopuff told Grocery Gazette.

“As part of this, we recognise that many people are experiencing the effects of rising costs and that’s why our partnership with Collective Benefits is so important.

“The programme has been an overnight success as it gives tangible benefits, cost-savings and positive experiences to people at a time when they really need them.”

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