Walmart’s Sam’s Club memberships are hitting record highs

Walmart subsidiary Sam’s Club has recorded recorded membership numbers and the retailer is planning on giving brands power to target the shoppers with ads.

The big box retailer moved its advertising in-house last year and it is now doing the same with the Sam’s Club Member Access Platform (MAP) after formerly being named the Sam’s Club Media Group.

MAP will help Sam’s Club overhaul its ads business in the hope of capturing a larger chunk of ad budgets.

“As a membership organisation, we have an incredible amount of insight on our members. Not only do we have 100% visibility into their purchases, but we also know their search behaviors,” the company wrote in a press release announcing MAP.

“We can predict what our members want and need with great precision.”

Sam’s Club MAP will initially include adverts on the company’s website and app, before being rolled out to external websites.

MAP is built to harvest consumer shopping data from members’ purchases and website searches.

Sam’s Club head of ads Lex Josephs told Business Insider: “As a member-obsessed company and organization, our mission is to provide the most valuable and additive ads experience to our members while growing profit and revenue for Sam’s Club.”

Josephs is a former Walmart ad exec who jumped to Sam’s Club earlier this year.

As part of the revamp, Sam’s Club is also rolling out a range of new products for advertisers, including a self-service platform for advertisers to purchase sponsored product ads in an automated fashion, starting 1 July.

The company’s executive VP of retail-marketing solutions Michael Ellgass told Business Insider: “With the vast amount of data Sam’s Club is able to collect on their member, their focus on an additive ads experience and their ability to offer complete, closed-loop reporting verified by our team at IRI, Sam’s Club MAP is poised to be one of — if not the — most efficient and effective retail-ads business in the market.”

Josephs believes that Sam’s Club MAP has a competitive advantage over its rival platforms due to the company’s ability  an advantage harvest data on all of its customers’ transactions and the curated, limited product inventory it has at its stores.

She was also quick to distance the platform from Walmart’s ad business Walmart Connect, saying the two platforms were “very different.”

“We are making sure that we’re leading with our member first and we’re doing what’s right for the member,” she said.

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