River Island taps Cloudinary solutions to expand online shopping experience

River Island has selected Cloudinary solutions to help “future-proof its digital media tech stack, boost the user experience, and shorten time to market.”

Cloudinary will replace Adobe Scene7 with its Media Experience Cloud platform and its Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution.

The fashion retailer expects the move to help significantly reduce the amount of manual work that is needed to collaboratively manage media assets for the company, which includes the searching and sharing of content.

River Island also believes such capabilities can help to enrich media assets with metadata and analysis and its AI-based content-aware detection model for fashion.

The latter is an add-on that uses AI models to automatically detect attributes of clothing in an image, including details such as the material it’s made of, type of fastenings used, and the presence of pockets.

“The future of our brand is what excites us most and we aim to take our popular digital experience from strength-to-strength,” River Island head of architecture David Edwards said.

“Cloudinary’s microservices-based, API first and headless architecture is a great fit for us as it integrates well with our existing CMS and tools like Adobe Creative Cloud.”

“We’re really excited to apply Cloudinary’s advanced, AI driven capabilities, which will speed up our capacity to bring new products online and elevate the customer experience.”

Cloudinary CMO Saranya Babu added: “Today the online shopping experience has to be engaging and as visually realistic and detailed as possible.

“Winning brands like River Island are eager to employ the latest technologies and future-proof their digital media tech stacks to deliver the kinds of experiences their customers have come to expect.”

“We are delighted to welcome this popular UK retailer into our community and look forward to supporting their business needs through this next phase of their growth.”



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