Instagram trials Yoti’s age verification technology

Instagram is trialling London-based digital identification start-up Yoti‘s age verification tech as part of a trial to test user’s age.

The partnership will begin in the US on users who try and edit their date of births appear over the age of 18.

Instagram will request them to upload a photo of their ID, record a video or ask friends for confirmation.

“To start with we are focusing this test on people attempting to change their date of birth from under 18 to 18 and over – we’re working to understand when someone may be misrepresenting their age, and providing our menu of options to those people,” a spokesperson for Instagram said.

Age Verification tech
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“We will continue to look for more opportunities to test and expand the menu of options to verify age.”

Yoti confirmed to UKTN that the technology would not be used on any of Meta’s other platforms such as Facebook or WhatsApp.

Instagram claims it treats the accounts of users under and over 18 differently, with those under 18 defaulted to a private account.

The move will likely be welcomed by campaign groups who have called for stricter measures and more responsibility for social media companies and their users.

Cinemas in the UK began accepting Yoti’s digital ID as proof of age in May this year. The company also became the first government-approved digital ID provider earlier this month.

The government proposed a ‘trust mark’ for digital identity firms to make them equivalent to traditional physical documents, earlier this year.

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