Getir has ‘zero’ chance of profitability according to employees

Getir has been slammed by employees who say the rapid grocery delivery giant has “zero” chance of profitability and it churns through workers.

Employees have told Business Insider that the startup‘s 10-minute delivery goal creates a harsh and unsafe environment to work in.

Others expressed their worry that Getir won’t survive 2022 as the ultrafast-grocery space falls apart.

Getir was one of the pandemic’s winners, reaching decacorn status after raising $768 million for a $12.5 billion valuation.

This made it the second most valuable ultrafast-delivery player behind US giant Gopuff, which is valued at around $15 billion and has come out on top.

Both former and current Getir employees said that even though the firm was raising three-quarters of a billion dollars in funding, the company’s financial model has shown some serious flaws, making it unsustainable in the long run.

Workers told Business Insider that some stores were firing employees for not meeting the strict order packing metrics and dangerous work environments meant that injuries were regularly sustained.

The pace at which workers were let go of has reportedly increased, with 14% of the company’s global workforce being laid off. This works out to approximately 4,500 employees.

In order to keep up with the increased popularity of the sector, Getir hired more workers than it needed, according to one employee.

“The majority were sleeping and waiting around,” the employee said. “The managers didn’t know anything about food.”

After launching in Turkey in 2015, Getir hoped to replicate its model in the US, however it has not seen the same levels of success.

In Chicago, Getir sidelined its fleet of electric scooters as a snowy Midwestern winter made them unusable. The company’s solution involved hiring rental cars for couriers to fufill delivery expectations.

“The cost on that alone was phenomenal,” one former employee said. “They couldn’t sort out how to pay for gas.”

“There’s just zero future in getting a profitable model together that I could see,” the employee said.

The grocery delivery giant has since frozen its US expansion, which would have seen it launch in cities including Miami in order to reduce expenses.

Over the past month layoffs and a freeze on Getir’s US expansion plans, which would have taken it to cities such as Miami, have reduced expenses.

“They’re trying to right the ship now, but it’s too little, too late,” the current employee said. “I don’t think they’re going to survive.”

Store employees have to pack all orders in two minutes, regardless of how many items an order contains, three employees told Business Insider.

In some stores, that number was slashed to 90 seconds. If an employee exceeded that time limit more than once they could be fired.

“I have to wake up to text messages saying, ‘Terminate this person,'” a former employee added.

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  • This is exactly what is happening in wales 70% of riders have been let go and pressure to work more hours is applied to existing staff.wages are not paid correctly and if you question it the answer you get is (is that your resignation) absolutely shocking.

  • Slappymcracky
    June 28, 2022 4:15 pm

    I worked for Getir when they open in the Netherlands. I had a work accident and was laying in the hospital bed when they told me “ don’t worry! We will pay for all your medical bills” – that never happened. I had to pay for my hospital bill.
    They also don’t pay you.. or are very late with their payments – and they tell you “ oh it’s because of the exchange rate! Apparently Turkey pays all their staff around the world?

    Don’t work for this company. Stay far away from them. Don’t order from them!
    Take it from someone who saw everything that they don’t want you to see or know.

  • Mohammad Harunur Roshid
    June 28, 2022 9:12 pm

    I got let go arfter working there for a year with an average of 5 star rating

  • Absolute shambles of a company. They feed you constant lies and you’re treated even if you meet the extortionate requirements of a delivery.

  • I worked in HQ in the UK. I saw a lot of under the radar unsafe and unethical ways of working. The business could go under if it continues the way its going. Its a terrible place for people to work. I feared new projects because senior management later decided to cancel the project so nothing is every done.

    July 2, 2022 4:18 pm

    As a “valued” customer, I await the re-opening of my local store. The next nearest stores are closed and the ones that are open are too far for me to bother with, they have closed their stores even faster than they “deliver in minutes”, Getir you ain’t Got It.

  • Simon Lewis
    July 6, 2022 9:27 am

    Can’t see how these sorts of companies can survive. In a densely populated city with low pay maybe there’s a chance.
    If a customer buys the “essentials” which are often competitively priced, with the constant introductory discounts, there can’t be enough profit to pay someone to drive a scooter/car to deliver it (safely) within 20-30 minutes who then has to get back to base. Plus the average basket size is low. Supermarkets will be the only one’s offering this in the UK in 12-18 months with a higher delivery fee than what is being charged now.

  • David Williams
    July 19, 2022 12:42 pm

    This company does not think about their employees one bit. I am still working for them at this very moment for which I work part-time.

    I was told I would work a minimum of 20hrs per week and for a while I was doing 32hrs which was great, until a couple months ago when they reduced it to 20hrs which lasted for 2 weeks and now I’m on 10hrs per week.

    The worst part is that they expect me to be available for work as and when they need me with less the 12hrs notice.

    They called to come in today and when I said no, the manager said that they’ll have to look into my lack of flexibility, what does he expect?

    They really think I can live off 10hrs per week and not get a second job to cover my living costs.

    I’m a part time carer, so I can only do part-time work.

    This company only thinks about it’s bottom line and not the workers who risk their lives everyday in all weathers.

    I have been a courier on and off for all most 20 years and this is the worst company I have ever worked for.


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