Consumers demanding more from online shopping, with many wanting brands to emulate Amazon Prime

Consumers are demanding more from their online shopping experiences, with rapid delivery and a wide range from a single retailer among their must-haves, according to a new report by digital consultancy Wunderman Thompson Commerce.

The research reveals that 70% of consumers want the same levels of service they get from Amazon Prime from other brands as well.

In addition, 60% plan to buy more online in the future, including the 69% of those who work from home and say they have bought more online as a result.

A further 62% also said they have discovered new brands after working from home.

In terms of ecommerce expectations, 48% want faster delivery and 67% say delivery has increased in importance, with 66% saying the time of delivery is now key.

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Consumers would also like to see retailers invest in emerging technology such as cashless payments (58%) and checkout-free stores (64%), such as Amazon Go.

Social media is greatly benefitting from the shift online, with 56% wanting to stay on their social media platform in order to buy, while 65% have already bought through a social media platform.

Some 64% of consumers say they like the idea of buying everything through one retailer, while 36% already start their shopping journeys on marketplaces.

“TikTok, Twitter and Instagram, marketplaces and ecommerce more generally offer shoppers an instant way to engage with, and purchase from, their favourite products and services,” Wunderman Thompson Commerce global head of consultancy and innovation Hugh Fletcher said.

“However, this means demands are higher, expectations are loftier, and consumers have a reduced patience; they want products and services at the click of a button and won’t settle for second-best.

“Couple this with the rising cost of living and retailers face a fight to get consumer’s cash as they choose where they shop, which brands to invest in and what digital services to use.”

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