69% of UK CEOs leaving businesses vulnerable by releasing insufficiently tested software

A whopping 69% of UK chief executives think it’s acceptable to release software that hasn’t been properly tested, so long as it’s patch tested later, according to a new report by software company Leapwork.

The research reveals that 82% of testers say that up to 40% of software goes to market without sufficient testing. As a result, 68% of testers claim their teams spend five to 10 days per year patching software.

According to Leapwork, there is a seismic disconnect between chief executives and testers regarding the adequacy of software testing. Despite the majority of testers expressing concern that insufficiently tested software is going to market, 75% of chief executives say they’re confident their software is tested regularly.

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In addition, chief executives are clearly aware of the risks of insufficient testing, with 71% concerned about losing their jobs in the wake of a software failure. A further 54% also say software failures have harmed their company’s reputation in the last five years.

“Our research shows the widespread issues that exist in software testing today,” Leapwork co-founder and chief executive Christian Brink Frederiksen.

“While CEOs and testers understand the consequences of releasing software that hasn’t been tested properly, an alarming number still think it’s acceptable to issue it and prefer to rely on patch testing afterwards to fix any problems.

“This often comes down to not thinking there is a viable option and choosing speed over stability – a devil’s dilemma. But what’s more concerning is the disconnect between CEOs and their developer teams, indicating that testing issues are falling under the radar and not being escalated until it’s too late.”

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