Depop partners with ‘The Sims 4’ for in-game collection

Depop is making its first foray into the gaming domain by partnering with The Sims 4 for a first-of-its-kind in-game collection.

As part of the game’s new expansion pack called ‘High School Years’, the fashion marketplace has designed a collection of items that players can purchase for their teen Sims in a virtual second-hand store and at boba hangout ThrifTea.

After being worn by their sims, players will be rewarded for reselling their outfits via a new in-game Trendi app, where they will post their listings and decide the pricing, emulating Depop’s IRL model.

Depop also selected five of its most popular sellers to create three custom pieces each, with some inspired by physical items they have sold on their actual Depop stores.

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“The Sims is a cultural institution that remains relevant with young people around the world and holds nostalgic cultural cachet for many more, making it a perfect collaboration for Depop and our community,” Depop brand director Steve Dool said.

“The value for us as a brand is to test these spaces and see how our community responds and interacts, as ultimately we are a community-led business.

“If getting a Sim to shop second-hand from the in-game thrift shop encourages someone to do that for themselves IRL, that’s an amazing, full-circle moment.”

The Sims head of brand Julia Victor added: “The collaboration with Depop has allowed us to bring in unique and creative looks that reflect today’s fashion trends and how Gen-Z shops and shares fashion, to offer players an authentic gameplay experience as they help their Sims make the most out of their teenage years.”

The Sims 4 ‘High School Years’ expansion pack will be available for purchase beginning 28 July 2022.

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