The Ethical Commerce Alliance launches to “bring trust back to the heart of the ecommerce sector”

Today marks the launch of the Ethical Commerce Alliance (ECA), a new organisation formed to open industry debate around privacy and address ethical challenges online to “give consumers back control over their digital rights.”

The new Alliance is an independent, open space for education and knowledge sharing about privacy and data protection.

As shown by recent research, 75% of global consumers are worried about how companies use their data. The ECA aims to address these concerns by offering guidance for retailers to avoid privacy violations, while safeguarding personal data beyond GDPR compliance.

The core principles of the Alliance focus on accountability, trust and transparency to offer guidance to participating businesses, to provide “top tier customer experiences, without compromising on customers’ data privacy.”

The ECA brings together industry experts from brands and retailers, to academia and policy makers. The Alliance works to rebuild trust in online shopping through adopting privacy-first measures and transparency as part of retailers’ digital transformation programmes.

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The essential aim of the new organisation is to connect retail businesses and experts to share knowledge, best practices and offer viable alternatives that go beyond the baseline GDPR compliance.

“The time is now for the retail and ecommerce sector to put their best foot forward and make significant strides in creating digital practices that respect consumers’ private data,” Ethical Commerce Alliance director Nina Müller said.

“It’s vital that this is not viewed solely as a policy issue and the industry acknowledges it has a responsibility to enact practices that go beyond what is currently asked for from GDPR.

“By coming together as an industry to learn and share best practices, we will be able to overcome the challenges we face and create a human-centric, privacy focused digital world built on trust and transparency.”

The ECA has announced the first partners of the Alliance will be, Privacy Cloud, Konsolidate and

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