Report reveals most searched terms on Amazon Prime Day 2021, in anticipation for 2022 event

What will UK shoppers be searching for on Amazon Prime Day 2022?

A new report by ecommerce provider Edge by Ascential has revealed the most searched terms during Prime Day 2021, in anticipation for this year’s event, taking place across two days on July 12 and 13.

In 2021, canteens and water bottles was the biggest moving search term, followed by ring doorbell, winged eyeliner stamp and Fire 8 case, which all surged by more than 3,000%.

Other significant and surprising increases were for laundry baskets and rice dispensers, signalling a demand for more functional houseware.

According to Edge by Ascential, the data should highlight the value for brands in identifying key search terms outside the top rankings before they go viral, that can help them get discovered online.

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Despite this year’s economic concerns, Amazon Prime Day 2022 will once again be an “important, sales-driving event, against the backdrop of continued ecommerce growth in the UK and worldwide,” according to the ecommerce firm.

The report also anticipates that in 2022 alone, UK ecommerce will grow by £15.5 billion, almost 11%, to reach £157.5 billion, evidence that ecommerce remains an entrenched shopper habit even though COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted.

“Amazon Prime Day 2022 will be wildly unpredictable. While consumers are quite comfortable now with online shopping, the ongoing challenges with global health, supply chain, energy and critically, cost of living, will impact buying decisions,” Mediaocean chief marketing officer Aaron Goldman said.

“Amazon Prime Day is built around rewarding shoppers for their loyalty throughout the year. Like other key retail moments across the globe, including Singles Day or Black Friday, it’s an opportunity for brands to entice new and existing customers with special deals.”

Here is the full search frequency ranking information from 2021 Prime Day:

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