Zapp partners with Certific to bring customers UTI and STI kits to their doors

On-demand rapid grocery delivery brand Zapp has announced a tie up with healthcare startup Certific to bring medical diagnostics products directly to the patient, with 24-hour convenience.

Customers can now order testing kits for UTI and STI screening (including gonorrhoea and chlamydia) via Zapp to receive fast, convenient diagnosis and treatment for these common infections.

“This is the beginning of a partnership that is going to expand its product set further within home diagnostics and treatment, utilising Certific’s medical knowledge and technology platform, and Zapp’s customer centric approach to retail,” the two companies said in a statement.

According to Statista, there were approximately 317,000 cases of STIs diagnosed in England during 2020, and according to data from Statista, 51% of these were chlamydia.

Similarly, 40% of women are expected to suffer from a UTI during their lifetime, with 4.8 million women in the UK suffering from one each year, yet testing and treatment for these infections is not accessible enough.

Certific aims to cut the time taken to process test results and stop patients from waiting uncomfortably over the course of a few days or unknowingly infecting others.

Zapp’s swift delivery will enable patients to receive results and diagnosis for STIs within 24 to 48 hours (via Royal Mail), as well as results and diagnosis for UTIs in 60 minutes, without the need for a medical centre visit.

Certific’s service can be accessed through a secure and private application with guided screening to reduce inaccurate results, diagnosis, and the unnecessary prescription of antibiotics.

“We’re very excited to be partnering with Zapp to give patients 24-hour access to medical diagnostics with the same convenience of other essential items,” Certific chief medical officer Dr Jonathan Andrews said.

“Covid-19 has proven that patients are able to perform simple medical tests to a standard that we can diagnose, without needing to see the patient. With the health service increasingly time poor, this use of technology is crucially important. With empathically designed systems, our patients can become active participants in their own diagnosis and treatment pathways.

“At Certific, we believe the future consists of healthcare being provided on the doorstep, enabling cheaper and quicker diagnostics, with shorter supply-chains to empower the patient.

Zapp SVP of commercial Ajay Lakwani added: “The needs of our customers are the key drivers of our offering and hence we stock thousands of products to give customers the best possible selection for when they ‘need something now’.

“We were the first rapid delivery company to stock Covid-19 tests and we launched the first dedicated ultra-fast delivery Period Store earlier this month, and we’re excited to build on this with our move into medical testing which will enable patients to order STI and UTI testing kits safely, quickly and conveniently.”

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