New tills could stop more than £500m in thefts from supermarkets

New hi-tech tills could stop more than £500 million in thefts from supermarkets according to retail crime experts.

Supermarkets have been forced to trial new technology in order to clamp down on ‘swipers,’ an acronym for ‘seemingly well-intentioned patrons engaging in routine shoplifting’.

The new tills can detect when an item in the bagging area is a different size or colour to the one scanned.

It will also be able to detect unusual patterns, for example, if a customer scanned five bags of carrots, staff will be alerted to a possible scam.

As many as one in three admit to not paying for items when using the self-scan tills, sometimes because they find them difficult and frustrating to use, according to a report from the Daily Mail.

Shoplifters often use self-scan tills as a way to steal expensive items such as cheese, steak and razors. Recent increases in inflation and the cost-of-living has prompted grocers to secure more expensive items to prevent theft.

“It is very common for people to select brown onions, which are cheap for the weight, to represent things like bananas, avocados and grapes,” Professor Adrian Beck, of the University of Leicester told the Daily Mail.

He said that the current systems “work on weight, so you can put a bottle of champagne on and press potatoes. If it [the scanner] can’t recognise what they look like, it will be perfectly happy with that.

“People make excuses for why they haven’t followed the rules such as ‘there were problems with a barcode’, or “they made me use this machine and I tried my best but it didn’t work.”

Beck analysed responses from 3,000 shop workers on self-service theft and said the new system in use at some supermarkets noted the colour of an item and allowed a shopper to only select objects of the same hue, such as apples, courgettes and green peppers.

“‘Other supermarkets have installed gates as you leave the checkout. If you scan the items but do not pay then the machine knows and will not let you through. A number of companies are trialling this,” he said.

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  • But the money lost to theft is vanishingly small and the only reason supermarket complain about shoplifting is because the loss can’t be claimed back through insurance.

    • DON’T Make it Right Though. Imagine if EVERY1 Done it. I Can Honestly Say it’s Someit I’ve NEVER Done & NEVER Will !!!

      • It does doesn’t make it wrong either. And don’t pretend like you disagree when the real thieves are these massive corporation who are destroying our homeworld’s ability to support human civilisation just to make an additional billion they will never spend.

        “Imagine if EVERY1 Done it.”

        Imagine if EVERY1 was fairly paid, had cheap nutritious food and weren’t being ripped of by massive corporations?

        “I Can Honestly Say it’s Someit I’ve NEVER Done & NEVER Will !!!”

        No. its something you’ve never needed to do because you clearly come from a very comfortable background and never go without nothing you need. Who is the good parent, who has no money and children to feed? The one that lets them starve so the billionaire owner doesn’t lose a penny or the one that robs a supermarket to feed them?

  • Supermarkets made billions during COVID, then got rid of all the staff and put the prices up, who cares about billionaires.

  • Y should the public do the supermarkets jobs 4 them the general public don’t get paid 2 scan their own shopping so no I won’t b using them


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