Walmart announces Walmart+ rewards program

Walmart has unveiled its new selections of perks available for Walmart+ members.

Shoppers will be able to earn and redeem rewards when shopping online and in-store.

To claim rewards online, consumers are able to click the “add reward” option under eligible items on the Walmart site or app.

The item-specific rewards, which are powered by Ibotta Performance Network, comes as a result of Walmart attempting to bolster the number of perks available for its most loyal customers, according to Walmart+ SVP Chris Cracchiolo

The company said that shoppers can find rewards connected to “hundreds of bestselling items, from groceries to household goods to pet care and beyond.”

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Rewards will not be able to be redeemed for certain categories such as prescription-related products, alcohol and lottery tickets.

In order to redeem rewards in-store, members must scan a QR code generated through the Walmart Pay app at checkout and tap “Use Walmart Rewards”.

Members will be able to track their rewards accumulations through the ‘Rewards Center’ on the website and app.

All rewards are subject to expiration dates.

Cracchiolo did not reveal if the scheme would become available to non-Walmart+ members in the future however said that the big box retail giant has more ideas for rewarding its customers.

“We’re focusing first on providing rewards on items purchased by our members, and over time, we’ll continue to expand the program to deliver new ways to earn rewards,” he wrote in a blog post.

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