Autonomous vehicles to start delivering Uber Eats orders in Texas and California

Uber Eats vehicles will soon start to be delivered by Nuro’s autonomous trucks in both Texas and California.

The ride-hailing giant announced on Thursday that it is launching a 10-year partnership with the robotics firm.

Deliveries will start in Houston, Texas and Mountain View, California, with plans to expand the offering to the greater Bay Area.

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“Uber Eats consumers will be able to order meals and goods delivered by Nuro’s zero-occupant autonomous delivery vehicles, which run on public roads and are built specifically to carry food and other goods,” the companies said in a press release.

Nuro will become Uber’s third autonomous delivery partner, after it previously partnered up with Serve Robotics in West Hollywood, California and Motional in Santa Monica, California. But, unlike Nuro, Serve only drives on sidewalks, not roads.

So far, all autonomous delivery trials undertaken by Uber have been conducted in the US.



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