Apple to let iPhone users delete and edit text messages

Apple will let iPhone users delete and edit text messages within the messages app, according to a report from The Telegraph.

On Monday, the company will update its iPhone iOS software, allowing users to edit a message for 15 minutes, which will be visible to the sender and recipient.

In addition, users will have two minutes to delete the message completely and the receiver will see a message saying the person “unsent a message.”

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However, texts will still be sent immediately upon pressing send, so the recipient could still potentially see the message before it is deleted.

Moreover, users will be able to edit messages, with the recipient also able to see if the text has been edited and a button revealing previous versions of the message.

In order for the feature to be activated, both iPhone users will need the latest iOS update. It is also only available through Apple.

Apple users will be able to download iOS 16 on their iPhone at approximately 6pm tonight.

The news comes after Apple announced its new iPhone 14 phones at an event in California.

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