Netflix to team up with Ubisoft to expand gaming division


Netflix has partnered up with Ubisoft, one of Europe’s largest video game manufacturers, as it looks to expand on its small gaming division.

The streaming service giant is expected to launch three new mobile games next year based on Ubisoft titles, including its most purchased title Assassin’s Creed.

Netflix is looking to expand its gaming business as its streaming business declines as more and more customers cancel their subscriptions.

The company has lost more than half of its market value since April, suffering a decline in subscriber growth for the first time in a decade.

All games produced for Netflix will be made exclusive to subscribers, with no ads or in-app purchases.

Netflix hired a number of high-profile executives last year as part of a move to enter the gaming sector.

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Some of the world’s biggest tech groups have all tried to gain market shares in the space, including Amazon, which has released two titles under its gaming division and also owns popular gaming-streaming site Twitch.

Since its move into the sector last year, Netflix has launched 28 games and acquired three gaming studios, including Night School Studio, which makes the supernatural adventure game Oxenfree, and Texas-based Boss Fight Entertainment.

In March, it bought Next Games, the Finnish developer behind mobile games based on its hit show Stranger Things.

It has so far struggled to turn its 220 million subscribers into regular gamers however, with only 1.9 million subscribers into daily active users of its games.

The company’s head of external games Leanne Loombe said the streaming giant was still “very committed to games” but was at an experimentation stage, working out which styles and genres resonated most with its subscribers.

“Whoever our members are we want to make sure there’s a game on there for them,” she said, adding that in the future “we are going to start to focus more on Netflix IP” as “that’s what we have a superpower in”.

Netflix plans to have a total of 50 games on its roster by the end of the year.



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