Aldi partners with ParcelLab to improve omnichannel offering

Aldi has partnered with operations experience management (OXM) platform, ParcelLab to accelerate its customer experience in the UK, becoming the first UK supermarket to do so.

As a result of the new venture, OXM platform will offer the newly appointed Big 4 grocer clear and proactive delivery communication, enhancing customer experience and driving operational improvements.

The move is part of Aldi’s wider drive to offer an industry-leading online and offline customer purchasing journey. Supporting the business’ customer acquisition and retention goals, Aldi will use ParcelLab’s platform for their pre-dispatch and outbound communications.

“We wanted to provide a seamless order and delivery experience for our online customers, and parcelLab’s platform allows us to simplify our communications and offer customers more relevant and timely information on their Aldi order,” Aldi UK managing director of national IT and ecommerce Kara Greatorex said.

“We’re looking forward to refining this experience with parcelLab further, improving the experience for our customers.”

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ParcelLab’s technology allows customers will to receive timely, Aldi-branded updates about deliveries and returns direct from the retailer for non-grocery related online purchases.

On the other hand, the grocer will be able to use these messages to surface more of their range to customers, while using delivery data to improve overall order efficiency.

ParcelLab co-founder and CEO Tobias Buxhoidt added: “We are thrilled to be at the heart of Aldi’s plans to enhance their customer journey, and we can’t wait to provide customers with an immersive and memorable experience to grab their attention.

“Our platform will keep customers within Aldi’s ecosystem, helping to drive future sales and ensure that at no stage the customer is left in the dark.



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