Amazon unveils device that tracks breath while sleeping

Amazon has announced a contactless device that will monitor people’s sleep, adding to its lineup of voice-controlled devices.

The device, known as Halo Rise, will retail at $139.99 and tracks room temperature, humidity and light, plus the breathing patterns of the person closest to it.

The aim of the Halo Rise is to provide insight to users on why they may or may not feel well-rested when they wake up.

It uses advanced machine learning and sensor technology to provide highly accurate, ambient analysis of sleep patterns.

“Quality sleep is an incredibly important factor in our overall health and well-being. In today’s busy world, getting more and better sleep is one of the areas that customers ask us about the most, which is why we’re tackling sleep head on,” Amazon Smart Home and Health vice president Melissa Cha said.

“Halo Rise is designed to work intelligently in the background and give you an entirely new and effortless way to manage your sleep and achieve sleep-life harmony.”

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Amazon, alongside its rivals Apple and Google has invested in health-tracking technology for its consumers, but as a result, has drawn regulatory scrutiny for sensitive health information such as body fat through its fitness wristband, Halo.

The ecommerce giant has attempted to deflect regulatory flack by claiming privacy its pivotal to its work.

The sleep device will encrypt health data and has no camera or microphone.

Amazon has tinkered with the healthcare sector up until recently, when it announced in July that it would acquire One Medical for a fee of $3.9 billion.

At this current moment in time, the new Halo Rise is not deemed a medical device and has not received approval from the US regulator Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

As well as the Halo Rise, Amazon also announced updated versions of its in-home and in-car speakers with voice control and new internet connectivity devices.

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