Currys boosts omnichannel experience with better connected service

Currys has gone live with a more connected service across all of its channels that the tech retailer says will “provide personalised journeys and customer insights on a massive scale”.

Over the last 16 months, the retailer has been working on a strategy to transform itself into a “best in class, digital first omnichannel retailer”.

As part of the strategy, it has re-platformed and upgraded its website as well as enhancing its ShopLive service (a video commerce channel) and deliver a new colleague hub in all of its UK stores.

The new colleague hub allows its frontline staff to gain visibility of the customer from the moment they step into a store.

This means they have access to the online customer history, a log of all their interactions, and any items they’ve put in their online shopping cart, all displayed in real-time.

It also acts as a one stop shop for store colleagues with fast access to knowledge articles, and tasks so they can support each customer with the correct information.

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“Our people are our magic ingredient and in a business such as ours it’s hard for the experience to exceed that of our colleagues,” Currys CIO Andy Gamble, said.

“From today, our frontline people are armed with a richness of information not previously seen, as we put amazing tech in their hands and enable them to have more meaningful interactions with our customers.”

“The hardest yards of our transformation are behind us as we launch a major step change in our omnichannel offer giving customers an unrivalled omnichannel experience, augmented by technology, and enabled by people.

“Today we have a radically easier and richer journey live both online and in-store, so that our customers can seamlessly shop wherever and whenever they choose.

“We have aligned thousands of customer journeys and are getting to know our customers better through data. Our new integrated and connected ecosystem brings together the online and in-store journeys in a way that allows us to have meaningful customer conversations.”

“Looking ahead, we will give our customers fewer reasons to shop elsewhere as we talk to them more often, providing a deeper, more personalised level of customer service that will drive more frequent purchases and loyalty, and grow the uptake of our wider Services offer.”

“To date, our omnichannel strategy has led to happier colleagues, happier customers, who are more likely to return, and a financially stronger business. Currys is now leading the way in omnichannel technology retail in the UK.”



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