Insight: eBay data reveals consumer behaviour is focused on keeping warm and saving money

Data from eBay Ads has revealed that consumers are looking for alternative ways to keep warm and save money this winter as energy bills and inflation continue to soar.

The latest research from the online marketplace has revealed that 37% of consumers are hoping to mitigate the effects of the rising cost of living by making purchases which will allow them to avoid turning the heating on.

The study also found that a quarter (25%) of people are looking to buy items to keep them warm, while a fifth (18%) are planning to buy items to make their homes more energy-efficient.

Insights from eBay Ads show that searches for these products typically ramp up in autumn – for example, in October 2021 searches for ‘heated blanket’ on increased 147% compared to the month before. At the same time, searches for ‘hot water bottle’ and ‘loft insulation’ rose by 121% and 80% respectively.

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However, as bills have continued to soar this year, preparing for the cold weather seems to have been on consumers’ minds much earlier. In July 2022 searches for ‘heated blanket’ were 132% higher than they were in July 2021, as were searches for ‘loft insulation’ – up 37% in July compared to last year.

eBay Ads also revealed that shoppers are prioritising value for money this season, with almost a third (32%) putting deals and budget items at the top of their list. One in every five shoppers (20%) are also focusing on searching for second-hand items as a means to save money.

“It’s clear that the rising cost-of-living is going to significantly impact consumer behaviour this winter, as people are looking to find new ways to make ends meet,” said eBay Ads UK general manager Upasana Gupta.

“Brands and sellers alike should ensure their offerings align with these mindsets in order to support customers and their evolving needs, and to allow for a successful festive season.”



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