Tesco to expand GetGo store trial with new hybrid format

Tesco is expanding its cashierless GetGo stores trial across three new sites, introducing a new hybrid format to offer its customers a range of ways to shop.

The new locations are Chiswell Street Express in central London, with Fulham Reach Express in Parrs Way, London, and Aston University Express in Aston, Birmingham also due to open over the next few months.

The supermarket giant said the expansion will allow more customers to shop and pay without scanning a product or using a checkout.

For the first time, these new stores will also offer customers the option of using a self-service or attended checkout if they prefer.

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Tesco launched its first GetGo store in High Holborn in October 2021, where the average shopper takes three minutes to complete their shop using the app, and which will continue to offer a purely checkout-free model.

Shoppers choosing the checkout-free option simply need to download the Tesco app and select the GetGo option before choosing their products and scanning the app as they leave.

Working in collaboration with Trigo, Tesco’s stores are equipped with a range of camera and weight-sensors to find out what has been selected by customers and charge them directly through the app.

For those shopping without the Tesco app at the new hybrid stores, all items can be paid for via attended or self-service checkouts and by scanning the receipt to exit the barriers when leaving the store.

“We are excited to expand our trial of GetGo and to see what customers think about our new hybrid model, which offers them different options for seamless shopping,” Tesco convenience managing director, Kevin Tindall said.

“Whether customers choose the checkout-free option or prefer to use a checkout, we want to make the shopping trip as quick and convenient as possible.”

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