Revolut surpasses 25 million retail customers globally

Revolut has surpassed 25 million retail customers worldwide and is now processing over 330 million transactions each month.

The fintech firm, which launched in 2015, offers money transfer and exchange for its customers using dozens of innovative Revolut products including peer-to-peer payments, Saving Vaults, <18 accounts, Stays for holiday booking, and Trading.

Revolut is expanding its presence in the US this year, where it has over 500,000 million retail users and employs over 150 people in North America.

Company head of international expansion André Silva said: “Our mission is to unlock the power of a borderless economy, for everyone, by bringing the world’s first financial super app to all corners of the globe.

“This year we have made important steps in achieving this, building our teams on the ground in India, Mexico and Brazil.

We are planning our next exciting launch, New Zealand, a country we have been hoping to bring Revolut to for some time, and we look forward to announcing more in the near future.”

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It also plans to expand into several new markets including South America, Asia and the Middle East.

In several countries in LATAM, the fintech giant is looking to streamline a verision of ‘Revolut Lite’, which enables the transfer of money cross-border instantly, for free.

The Revolut Business division watches over 2,000 new active businesses join the platform each week.

Revolut Business has developed over 20 products designed to ’empower businesses looking to more effectively manage finances’.

It has so far processed more than £110 billion in transactions for its business customers to date.

Revolut CEO Nikolay Storonsky said: “Revolut’s growth continues at pace. We have continued to build out our unique product offering across the globe, expanding into new markets with new customers.

“Topping 25 million customers in just over seven years is a fantastic achievement for the company. We can’t wait to bring our product to many more in the weeks and months ahead.”



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