Just 1 in 7 Black Friday deals are actual discounts

Just one in seven Black Friday deals offer a genuine discount, according to consumer watchdog, Which?.

The survey analysed 214 Black Friday promotions last year at seven large home and tech retailers, including Amazon, Argos, Currys, AO, John Lewis and Very.

It discovered that 183 promotions (86%) were cheaper or the same price in the six months before the sales.

Of the deals, 209 (98%) were cheaper or the same price at other times in the year. None were cheaper on Black Friday alone.

Which? has urged consumers to not fall victim to the Black Friday sales hype off the back of the findings.

A Toshiba TV was found to be priced at £279 on ecommerce site, Very, on Black Friday 2021 with an advertised saving of £100. However, Which? had found it had been £379 for just three days in the month before Black Friday.

It then stayed at £279 until 22 December 2021, when it dropped further to £275.

Amazon and Very were deemed to be the worst retailers overall for dubious discounts. Over 70% of products included in Which?

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Amazon and Very were the worst retailers overall for dubious discounts, with more than 70% of products included in Which?’s analysis cheaper at other times of the year compared to their Black Friday price.

“Our research shows that finding a good deal on Black Friday is like looking for a needle in a haystack,” Which? retail editor Reena Sewraz told Sky News.

“It’s rarely the cheapest time to shop, and you’ll probably find the things you want are the same price or cheaper as we head towards Christmas, the New Year and beyond.

“Retailers are not blind to the extra pressures on people’s finances this year and will be keen to use Black Friday to attract people looking to get the most for their money, so we should still expect some deals.

“Our advice is to take the time to do some research if you want to find a genuine bargain.”



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