M&S 12 days of Sparks advent calendar branded ‘very disappointing’ by shoppers

Marks and Spencer’s 12 Days of Sparks digital advent calendar has been criticised by its customer base, with social media users describing it as “very disappointing” and “underwhelming.”

The retailer brought back the calendar after the success of last year’s campaign, where over 4 million “doors” were opened.

Available on the M&S app and M&S.com, the calendar offers daily rewards, including free festive treats and personalised offers such as 20% off Christmas prosecco and online flowers, as well as 15% off knitwear.

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However, many shoppers were less than pleased with the prizes they had won, with others unable to get the app working at all.

While some customers recieved items such as gin snow globes, light-up biscuit tins, chocolates and mince pies, others were less enthusiastic, receiving prizes like hand creams, satsumas and money off vouchers.

As a result, shoppers took to social media to share their experiences of the calendar.

One customer tweeted: “Can’t help but think M&S’ 12 Days of Sparks strategy was ‘tease them all with a free gift on Day 1 and then just give them money off s*** they don’t need for the remainder.'”

Another added: “Well the M&S 12 days of Sparks has been underwhelming and disappointing this year. Would rather have my usual sparks offers on stuff I’d actually buy. Disappointed.”

Another customer said: “My M&S “12 days of Sparks” reward today is 20% off a multipack of knickers. Never been so deflated by an advent calendar.”

Another user tweeted that she will not be opening the remaining days after getting “absolute rubbish” from the scheme.

However, an M&S spokesperson told Charged: “12 Days of Sparks has been very successful this year.”

“More than one million offers have been redeemed so far, with customers heading to stores for their free treats or using their discounts online to make purchases. We’ve seen unprecedented demand.”

The spokesperson added that while they appreciate there have been some messages of disappointment on social media, there have also been positive tweets with people “delighted” with their free festive treats.

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  • Did anyone honestly expect much else ?

    • Fraser Williams
      December 14, 2022 9:00 am

      Is this what life has become, wanting free stuff instead of a discount to buy from a business, to help it stay in business, people have a misconception that everything should be given instead of earnt. Happy Christmas to you all. And remember nothing is free in life.

  • These poor souls! Lol


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