eBay reveals over half of UK shoppers will turn to second-hand gifting this Christmas

Over half of UK shoppers, 52%, will be looking to purchase second-hand or refurbished items this festive season, according to new research by online marketplace eBay.

The research reveals that consumers are intending to spend over £100 less on average, with shoppers opting for pre-loved items to offset costs.

In addition, consumers are searching for “top-quality gifts at excellent prices” in the festive run up, with 38% saying that getting bang for their buck was amongst their top priorities this year.

This Christmas, 65% of shoppers are also prioritising more thoughtful gifts, with eBay claiming items such as refurbished Dyson airwraps, Hotel Chocolat velvetisers and pre-loved designers items provide the “perfect solution.”

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A further 29% said they had starting Christmas shopping earlier this year, to get ahead of the festive rush.

In the run up to Black Friday, eBay data found that 77% of shoppers were planning to shop for Christmas on Black Friday and search data revealed over 200%  more searches for ‘stocking fillers’.

“We’re anticipating a shift to pre-loved gifting this Christmas and we want to celebrate it,” eBay senior director of trading Kirsty Keoghan said.

“There’s nothing better than giving a personal gift, which you know the person is really going to love, and gifting pre-loved allows you to do just that.

“From luxury watches, to signed football shirts and rare trainers, pre-loved gifts are the answer to all of your Christmas shopping stresses.”



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