Yoti reveals findings of age verification tech trial

Yoti has revealed the findings of its age verification tech trial which took place in Morrisons, Tesco, The Co-op and Asda stores.

Last year the UK supermarkets trialled the tech at self-checkouts in a scheme run by the Home Office. During the trial, shoppers in participating stores could try two new ways to prove their age: facial age estimation technology and digital ID app.

The age estimation technology estimated their age while maintaining privacy due to the fact it did not require any personal details or ID documents, and all images were instantly deleted once a shopper had received their estimated age.

If the system detected they looked younger than the set age threshold, customers were asked to use an alternative method.

Customers who did not wish to use digital age verification had the option to ask a staff member to come and approve them and if required show their ID to a colleague instead.

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According to the trial takeaways, participating supermarkets confirmed they support digital age verification, and would welcome legislative change in this area.

Throughout the trial, no underage customers purchased age restricted items when using the new Yoti age verification technology.

Alongside the positive feedback from retailers, the majority of shoppers who used Yoti digital proof of age solutions liked the technology and would use it again, once available.

Yoti believes that digital age verification technology provides an opportunity to reduce the number of physical age interventions, giving retail staff more time to monitor other activities, including spotting proxy sales

Alongside these trials, Aldi has been successfully trialling Yoti facial age estimation on its mobile shopper app.



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