My Wardrobe HQ launches new rental subscription service

My Wardrobe HQ has launched a luxury monthly rental subscription service, allowing customers to rent multi-label, ready-to-wear and accessories.

The subscription model has two different membership tiers and allows shoppers to rent seasonless luxury goods while “enjoying a new refreshed sustainable wardrobe on regular rotation.”

Subscribers will have access to luxury pieces such as dresses, denim, cashmere knits and outerwear for £59 a month. They will be able to plan two items at a time or four items per month for £79.

Pieces will include jeans from Ports 1961, cashmere coats from Amanda Wakeley, day dresses from Tommy Hilfiger, sustainable faux-fur outerwear brand Freed, as well as shoes and accessories from Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, and Chanel.

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“I became chair of My Wardrobe HQ as I could see that where the UK high street had once been the envy of the world as it democratised fashion for everyone, things have gone too far, with the fast fashion giants producing new collections every week,” My Wardrobe HQ chair Jane Shepherdson said.

“Whilst these seem to cost very little, they are literally costing the earth. Something needed to change, and it needed to be better for the customer.

“This subscription offer is the fullest incarnation of the potential of rental. Whilst My Wardrobe HQ are trying to find more brands to get involved so that it can be broader and offer more choice.

“This is a great starting point to make all customers reconsider how they shop. This subscription plan offers everything you need both to trade up from the everyday, keep things exciting for events and offers real value for money.”

My Wardrobe HQ chief executive and co-founder Sacha Newall added: “My Wardrobe HQ was built with sustainability at its heart. We are so thrilled at the speed at which the UK market has adopted rental for event wear.”

“The company was born with a sense of purpose, almost three years ago to the day, when we wondered if people that love fashion were ready to do things differently.”



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