Mass exodus planned for Getir’s London office over return to office mandate

Workers are set to walk out of Getir’s office in Southwark, South London later today (Wednesday 11 January) after an email was sent to employees informing them of a decision to enforce a return to office mandate.

In a leaked email seen by Charged, the rapid delivery grocery giant said: “The plan is to work towards a return to office five days a week by 27 February 2023.

“We understand that this may be challenging for some of you. We also recognise that some of you may need to apply for flexible working to accommodate your specific situation.”

“On Wednesday 11 January at 4pm, you will be invited to a meeting so we can fully explain to you how this process of transition will begin and give you more details about how to apply for flexible working.”

A London-based Getir employee told Charged that staff are being required to return to the office five days a week despite being given the role on a hybrid basis.

“At the moment we have no pay rises to accommodate traveling daily and have had zero salary increase,” they said.

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The employee also took aim at management, saying that there is “no profitability” in the business at all. They also added that “management don’t even know how to run a business” and criticised the “lack of business processes”.

In response to the return to office mandate, the worker told Charged that employees will be walking out en masse, and resigning from their positions at the grocery giant.

“There is a big group forming and [we] will be resigning from this shame of a place. This was same place they had mass redundancy [from the] workforce last year, as reported previously in the press,” they stated.

“Eggs and flour and mass walkouts [are] being prepared for the Wednesday meeting”. The group plan to target the HR and legal, which they believe to be at “the epicentre of this stupid change”.

Charged has contacted Getir for comment.



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  • Nicholas Thake
    January 11, 2023 1:05 pm

    Typical of how lazy and laid back employee’s have become , I am sure the majority of the staff were employed in a work in the office position and were only allowed to work from home due to Covid.
    I know a lot of people that work from home and even the conscientious ones probably only work 50% of the time they should, I know one that goes away overseas on holidays without telling her boss .
    What Getir’s need to do is insist they come in and fire them if they do not .

    • the company expanded in the UK after covid, therefore all employees were hired for hybrid working. They are a joke of a company and they will be losing great talent by enforcing outdated working practices.

    • There’s a lot to be said for working from home. Yes, there will be a few bad apples that take the piss but they will be found out before long. But consider the money saved on travel, the time taken to travel – if you spend an hour a day on travel that’s five hours you get back to have with your family. Ultimately, as long as the work gets done, does it matter where the staff member it? If it does to Getir, well, there will be plenty of other companies that allow hybrid/work from home that will welcome them. Like it or not, working from home is here to stay.

    • @Nicholas Thake Have you considered the fact that working from home allows for a happer work life balance and to suddenly give it up and find childcare / money to cover travel to and from the office might be a deal-breaker for some? Or are you just a miserable c**t?

    • Umm yeah OK corporate shill from the dailymail comments section who says “noone can work from home cause lazy cause I saw a lazy once and cause I’d be lazy if I had the chance”

    • shut up 🙂

  • Notoworkfromhome
    January 12, 2023 12:46 pm

    Just want to say all you lazy asses that once used covid as an excuse not to go in now your threatening companies to leave haha do so in this economic crisis I love the fact that your all have to go back one day all this train strikes will end and you will be back to the office wether you like it or not. If you choose not to I say for all of you i hope you lose the job and waste away your savings because businesses suffer from your selfishness. Its time for you lot to suffer and I hope it from the bottom of my heart, the new staff will take your jobs and crack on. Just so you all know there are 10 skyscrapers getting built multibillion put it and you think you’ll get away with not going in haha trust this one day you will.

    • It’s a sad little life you live isn’t it. Did your wife leave or did your children stop speaking to you?

  • I work in the Gstore as a courier, I can tell you the lack of professionalism and the amount of bullying and if you read the contracts that you have to sign basically you sign up to work without stability which they mislead you into believing in the induction and then your contract basically voids you of any rights and is above the laws of the country. Terrible practice I hope the government bodies interview and put a stop to their shady contracts.


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