Stuart partners with bodo, providing same-day delivery to ecommerce brands

Last mile delivery specialist Stuart, is partnering with bodo, a logistics platform for ecommerce brands, to provide sustainable, same day and instant deliveries across London.

The collaboration will enable ecommerce brands to provide their customers with “more flexible and convenient delivery options,” as consumer demand grows for rapid turnaround on items.

Stuart saw a 255% volume increase from October to December in 2022 in bodo deliveries, with volumes for the first week of January 2023 amounting to almost double that of the whole of October.

Through their partnership, Stuart and bodo will provide a broad range of delivery options for partner brands, helping to continue the growth trends seen at the end of last year and into 2023.

The hyperlocal deliveries will allow customers to access a precise 30 minute delivery, whilst the partnership will also enable a city-wide, same day service, using a fleet of 100% electric vans.

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Additionally, a recent industry report by Statista revealed that ecommerce would account for 20.4% of global retail sales by the end of last year.

As the ecommerce space continues to become more competitive, retailers are having to consider their market offering more closely, including offering more precise delivery slots, advanced tracking and sustainable delivery options.

Bodo already provides their integration service to brands such as TRIP CBD, Lucky Saint, Underdays, Nio Cocktails, Madhappy and HUX Health, and the partnership with Stuart is expected to see the brand portfolio expand even further.

“We’re really pleased to be working with bodo to help retailers increase their delivery fulfillment levels and to provide an efficient end-to-end process for customers,” Stuart UK general manager John Gillan said.

“Sustainability remains at the centre of all our decision making at Stuart, and we’re looking forward to continuing to drive this forward with bodo to provide a bespoke delivery offering to end customers.”

bodo co-founder Jack Green added: “The decision to bring on Stuart as a partner was an easy one. As we strive to set new industry standards for sustainable on-demand delivery, we need operational partners who can constantly innovate in the space.”

“As market leaders in both on-demand and same-day delivery, this partnership will allow us to better service brands using bodo, whilst giving their customers rapid delivery that they can feel good about. We are excited to scale to more European markets with Stuart next year.”



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