Currys expands recycling incentives online

Currys says it has processed 750k tonnes of e-waste since 2011, recycling over 15 million individual technology products as a result.

The electronics retailer is now extending its in-store recycling incentives to online customers.

In the last year alone, Currys said it has collected 60,000 tonnes of redundant tech in the UK and Ireland, which equates to 1.3 million items.

Customers are promised at least £5 in store credit when they drop off the unwanted items as part of its Cash for Trash scheme.

In the last year, it has paid out £10.5 million to customers who brought in 80,000 items for recycling.

Customers based in the UK and Ireland can spend those vouchers online, as well as receiving vouchers when Currys delivers a new appliances and recycles the old items.

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According to data from Research Without Barriers, more than 50% of UK shoppers bin their unwanted technology products when they buy a new device, even though 41% want to be more environmentally aware in 2023.

“We are seeing great results from both our recycling and trade-in initiatives, with customers bringing in their unwanted tech in great numbers,” Currys senior sustainability operations manager Chris Brown said.

“Whether it a be a high-value item, such as a mobile phone or tablet, or unwanted ‘tech tat’, recycling or trading-in tech with Currys is a convenient, financially incentivised way for the public to cut down on their e-waste.

“That said, despite great progress, the e-waste problem isn’t going to go away overnight. Which is why we’re bringing back our popular Cash for Trash initiative and calling on Brits to step up their tech recycling efforts in 2023, for the benefit of planet and pockets alike.”



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