Amazon opens another Fresh store in Monument

Amazon has opened yet another Amazon Fresh grocery store in a busy week for the US retail giant.

One of the company’s Fresh stores in Dalston was closed permanently after 18 months of operating, on Monday, before a new store was surprisingly opened in Croydon.

An Amazon spokesperson told Charged that the company remained “committed to Amazon Fresh UK physical stores,” despite claims by The Telegraph in August that the operation was slowing down.

Ex-Amazon and strategy consultant Brittain Ladd told Charged he felt Amazon will struggle when it comes to its grocery strategy in the UK.

“Amazon likes to experiment with store formats and locations. Many retailers do the same thing.

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“The challenge for Amazon is that Just Walk Out technology doesn’t increase sales and it increases store operations costs. I think Amazon will struggle when it comes to Amazon Fresh in the UK.

“When I worked for Amazon, I wanted the company to acquire Tesco or Carrefour. The British Competition Commission and the French government were against the acquisitions.”

Ladd believes in order to make inroads in the sector which is dominated mainly by Tesco, Amazon should look at acquiring online grocer Ocado.

“Amazon can scale Ocado Zoom and use its JWO technology in new Ocado Zoom format stores. In addition, Amazon will own Ocado’s operations in the USA,” he said.

“This will allow Amazon access to all of apcado’s data related to Kroger, a major competitor of Amazon. Amazon can leverage Ocado CFCs for Amazon Fresh and other Amazon needs in the USA.

“If Amazon wants to acquire Ocado, I believe Kroger will ask Ocado to allow Kroger to bid on buying Ocado first.”



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