Emperia raises £10m to boost metaverse retail

Virtual reality platform Emperia has raised over £10 million of expansion funding “to reimagine the ecommerce space.”

The company is aiming to bring retail into the metaverse by giving merchants the tech to build virtual stores.

To date, Emperia’s London and New York divisions have partnered with Bloomingdales, Dior, Sunglass Hut and Lacoste.

Launched in 2019 by fashion and retail expert Olga Dogadkina and VR innovation specialist Simonas Holcmann, they developed a platform that powers the creation of immersive virtual experiences for brands across multiple retail sectors.

The company aims to harness the accessibility of online shopping with the impact of physical retail, by giving retailers the tech and visual infrastructure needed to build and manage virtual stores.

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The funding will be used to grow the team, develop its virtual store SaaS platform and deepen the capabilities of the data suite that powers it.

“While working in fashion, it became clear to me that ecommerce was the future, but 2D websites were merely a tool that enabled an online purchase, but were lacking the customer journey and story-telling that brands are after,” Emperia chief executive Dogadkina told EU-Startups.

“The solution was to bridge that gap, with the aim of making virtual experiences into the future of brands’ long-term e-commerce strategy.

“The power of the metaverse is attracting customers of all sizes and markets, and Emperia wants to bring that to retail, transforming the future of shopping for the digital-native generation.”

The investment round included Base10 Partners, Daphni, Sony Innovation Fund, Background Capital, Stanford Capital Partners, Concept Ventures, and business angel Jay Radia.

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