Watch: The future of ecommerce in the metaverse?

The future of ecommerce in the metaverse may lie in ‘portals,’ as a clip from TikTok account SunkenBlimp reveals.

The clip appears to show someone with an augmented reality (AR) headset viewing reality normally on a beach, however in front of them is an accessible portal in which the user walks through.

In the portal is a virtual store layout belonging to furniture retailer Serendipity Furniture.

The user appears to walk around the ‘store’ and browse the products before exiting the store behind them.

Research conducted by Snap in October has highlighted the “huge untapped potential” of augmented reality (AR) for retailers.

According to the social media firm, brands’ perception of how consumers want to use AR is still way off.

Snap surveyed more than 25,000 people across 11 markets, in partnership with Ipsos, revealing that 94% of brands still perceive ‘fun’ as the main draw for people to use AR.

However, according to the study, only 54% of people think of it this way, with 55% of UK consumers listing shopping as their top reason for engaging with AR.

About 82% of brands believe that the use of AR allows them to provide a seamless customer experience, helping to drive conversion.

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