Alibaba looks to muscle in on AI chatbot craze

Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba said on Thursday it was currently working on a rival to Microsoft-backed OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

The company joins a number of tech firms racing to get a piece of the market, with Google also launching its own model, Google Bard.

ChatGPT’s competence has caused widespread concern amongst medical and educational professionals.

Alibaba is now working on a ChatGPT-style conversation bot of its own that is being tested by employees, a company spokeswoman told AFP on Thursday.

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She failed to offer details on when the service would be launched or whether it would be part of Taobao, China’s biggest online shopping platform.

The news comes just days after Chinese tech giant Baidu said it would complete testing of its own AI chatbot in March.

Meanwhile Microsoft has just announced a multibillion-dollar partnership with ChatGPT maker OpenAI and the integration of the model into its Bing search engine and Microsoft Teams.

Officials from Beijing have warned that deepfakes, which is technology that creates chillingly accurate representations, could present a “danger to national security and social stability”.

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