Watch: On, Regent Street – how robot legs and wind simulators sell sportswear

Sportswear brand On has put in-store technology centre stage at its new flagship on Regent Street, which opened on Friday.

The Swiss sportswear brand was founded by professional runner and Ironman champion Olivier Bernhard with friends Caspar Coppetti and David Allemann in 2010. 

The performance of products is at the top of their agenda and the in-store technology on show at On’s new three-storey 860 sq ft store – its first in the UK – demonstrates this.

Shoppers are met with a show-stopping bit of technology – a giant robotic leg – as soon as they enter the store.

The leg tries on the brand’s trainers and demonstrates how they work by simulating the real-life movements of an athlete.

The sportswear brand makes use of robotics to show how the cushioning and soles of its footwear work whilst in motion.

Another bit of eye-catching technology, a wind simulator, is used to demonstrate how its windproof, water-resistant jackets perform in storm-like conditions.

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QR codes are found next to visual merchandise displays to give shoppers more information about the technical specifications of each product.

QR codes at the On, Regent Street store
QR codes at the On, Regent Street store

Shoppers can also have their running style analysed on-store via cameras fitted in the ceiling. Store staff use the footage to identify which shoes would best fit their gait.

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