Tesco opens first GetGo store outside London

Tesco has opened its first GetGo store outside of London, transforming its existing Aston University Express location in Birmingham.

Powered by Trigo technology, it is the largest autonomous Tesco store to date at over 4,000 square metres.

The university location is the final instalment of the three additional GetGo stores being deployed throughout the UK, the other sites being Chiswell Street Express in central London and Fulham Reach Express in Parrs Way, London.

The supermarket giant launched its first GetGo store in High Holborn back in October 2021, where the average shopper takes three minutes to complete their shop using the app.

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GetGo stores are fitted with a range of cameras and sensors which monitor customer movements and product picks, enabling shoppers to remove items off the shelf and simply walk out of the store without needing to visit a checkout.

“The location has a distinct quality, its largely student demographic who shop at the store poses a unique use case for autonomous store technology – the seasonal shopper,” Trigo said.

“These features, alongside the store’s hybrid format, make it a classic application of autonomous store technology.”

In a LinkedIn post, Tesco GetGo product manager Tom Simmons added: “Exciting day yesterday as we switched GetGo on at Aston University Express in Birmingham.”

“We’re delighted to take GetGo to a new part of the country as this is our first store outside of London/South East. Lots of positive feedback on day one, looking forward to hearing more from our customers over the coming weeks/months.”



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