Meta to introduce paid-for-verification for Facebook and Instagram

Meta has joined Twitter in launching paid-for subscriptions services for the first time as it battles with falling advertising revenues.

Company founder and tech guru Mark Zuckerberg said in an announcement that Meta Verified will cost its users $11.99 (£9.96).

Verified users will benefit from extra features and increased security.

The new service, which will be available first in Australia and New Zealand, will give users a verified badge on their Facebook and Instagram profiles.

In a new direction for social media in general, users paying for verified will have to provide a form of identity by uploading a goverment-issued ID such as a driving license or a passport.

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Subscribers will also get extra security protections with their accounts monitored to check for impersonators and their profiles will appear more prominently in comments and search results.

They will also receive access to human customer service, which has been a point of concern from Facebook users for years.

Users who uses both Facebook and Instagram to help build out online businesses are likely to benefit from the verification feature.

Social media firms are moving to paid-for subscriptions as a means of becoming less reliant on advertising, which has slowed down as a result of Apple’s privacy changes making it harder for marketers to track the success of campaigns.

While subscriptions might bring in a small source of income for firms, it is unlikely to replace ad bucks in numbers.

In the US and Canada, Meta made over $17 a month from the average user last year, and early figures from Twitter suggest less than 1% of users pay for its subscription service.



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